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A Bibliometric Study of the Journal of Oilseeds Research, since 1993-2001


  • National Research Centre for Soybean (ICAR), Indore 452 017, M.P., India
  • SS in Library and Information Science (Faculty of IT), Vikarm University,Ujjain 456010, MP, India


Analyses 743 research papers comprising 435 main articles and 308 short communications published (Total 743) in nine volumes 10 to 18, (1993 - 2001) in Journal of Oilseed Research (JOR), based on earlier study covering Vol.1-9 (1984 to 1992) comprising 241 Main Articles and 257 Short communications (Total 498 papers). The study gives status of oilseed research and importance of oilseeds in India. Also gives account of JOR, objectives and methodology of this study. Analyses papers into year wise distribution, length of articles, use of tables, graphs diagrams. Finds authorship pattern and calculates collaboration coefficients. Also finds out profilic contributors, location of papers, subject wise distribution and crop wise distribution. The paper analyses in details citations given in these articles in various tables viz number of citations per article and types of documents used for citations. Paper also rankes periodicals and apply Brodford Law.


Oilseeds Research, Bibliometric Study, Journal of Oilseeds Research

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