Volume 48, Issue 3, June 2011

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Table of Contents


'Fair Use', Contu Guidelines, Confu Guidelines and the DMCA  | 
M. S. Sridhar 241-244
Total views: 397


Impact of Electronic Journals on University Libraries of Punjab and Chandigarh: A Study  | 
Amritpal Kaur 265-279
Total views: 276
Job Satisfaction among Librarians in Tirunelveli District  | 
P. Balasubramanian 321-328
Total views: 331
Technologies and Trends of Digital Preservation: An Appraisal  | 
Dillip K. Swain, Rabindra K. Mahapatra 305-316
Total views: 529
Growth of Bio-Fuel Literature: A Analytical Study  | 
Harsh Bardhan Arya, J. K. Mishra 349-355
Total views: 360
Agricultural Science University Libraries in South India: An Analytical Study  | 
B. U. Kannappanavar, H. M. Chidananda Swamy 289-303
Total views: 247
Digitization and Digital Preservation of Manuscripts in Central Library and Documentation Centre, University of Tehran-Tehran, Iran: A Case Study  | 
Leili Seifi, Khaiser Nikam 317-320
Total views: 394
Utilization of Electronic Information Resources in Medical Colleges: A Case Study  | 
Mina Tavassoli Farahi, R. T. D. Ramesh Gandhi 281-288
Total views: 435
Scientometric Dimensions of Fuel Cell Research as Reflected in Inis Database  | 
Priya Girap, Anil Kumar, Lalit Mohan, Ganesh Surwase, B. S. Kademani 329-348
Total views: 790
Remembering the Work of S. R. Ranganathan for Academic Libraries and Library Education  | 
M. P. Satija 245-250
Total views: 242
Information Literacy Programmes in India  | 
P. Senthilkumaran 357-363
Total views: 314
Sharing Knowledge Resources in Academic Libraries in India  | 
Tanmay De Sarkar, Swapna Banerjee 251-264
Total views: 455