Volume 44, Issue 4, December 2007

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Table of Contents


AB's Coefficient of Dispersion in Some Branches of Physics  | 
Amit Kumar Bandyopadhyay 411-414
Total views: 245
Preservation of Digital Heritage Materials in the 21st Century  | 
Amritpal Kaur 385-394
Total views: 249
Information Seeking Behaviour of Rural People: A Study  | 
Arvind K. Sharma 341-360
Total views: 515
Electronic Publishing: Costing Model and Copyright  | 
Ketki Bhatia, C. N. Rawal 361-366
Total views: 196
The Concept of Retail Information Management: Vision 2020  | 
K. M. Krishna 421-424
Total views: 218
Libraries in the Knowledge ERA  | 
Meghna Dhar 333-340
Total views: 225
Mapping of Plastics Literature (1998-2002): A Bibliometric Study  | 
N. Parvathamma, Devendra S. Gobbur 415-420
Total views: 229
Facet Analysis Techniques for Automatic Classification Systems: A Study for Colon Classification  | 
Pijushkanti Panigrahi 309-332
Total views: 368
Obsolescence of Physics Literature Cited in the Doctoral Dissertations of University of Kerala  | 
K. G. Pillai Sudhier 399-410
Total views: 466
Modeling the Growth of Indian and Chinese Social Science Literature  | 
S. L. Sangam, B. M. Gupta, Suresh Kumar 395-398
Total views: 265
Web Page Creation for Eminent Scholar’s Contributions And Their Citations: M B Emeneau - A Case Study  | 
B. A. Sharada, M. Chetana 375-384
Total views: 197
Advanced Approach in Using E-Resources of the Indest-Aicte Consortium  | 
N. Vasanth, Mahesh V. Mudhol 367-374
Total views: 249