Volume 52, Issue 3, June 2015

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Table of Contents


Medical Professionals’ Usage and Preference of EBM Resources: A Survey  | 
A. Jessy, Mahabaleshwara Rao, K. Shivananda Bhat 153-162
Total views: 355
Plagiarism, the Academic Dishonesty: An Insight into the Preventive Measures in Academic Institutions  | 
V. J. Suseela 163-169
Total views: 518
Study of Rural Libraries: With Special Reference to Chalantika Library of Gurudeva Rabindranath Tagore at Surrounding Villages of Sriniketan, Visva-Bharati  | 
Nimai Chand Saha, Keshab Chandra Sinha 171-181
Total views: 511
From Citation to Keyword Search: How Digitization Transformed the Legal Research  | 
Mahesh A. Yaranal 183-187
Total views: 258
Use and Usage of OPAC in Public Libraries in Chandigarh City (India): A Study  | 
Parveen Kumar, Preeti Mahajan 189-195
Total views: 448
Collection Development in University Library: A Case Study of Karnatak University Library from 2005-2009  | 
S. B. Patil, A. N. Joshi 197-203
Total views: 448
Use of Electronic Information Resources by the Doctoral Students of Calicut University  | 
T. M. Vasudevan, N. R. Rakhi 205-212
Total views: 446
Customer Satisfaction of Library Print Resources in Autonomous College Libraries: A Case Study of MBA Students  | 
M. Doraswamy 213-217
Total views: 263
Are University Libraries in Kerala Ready to Market Information Services and Products? An Investigation  | 
P. K. Suresh Kumar 219-225
Total views: 414
Reading Habits among the Coffee Planters in Karnataka State: A Study  | 
K. N. Madhu 227-232
Total views: 223