Volume 53, Issue 5, October 2016

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Knowledge Management Practices and Organizational Performance in Selected Campuses of Kisii University, Kenya  | 
Raymond Wafula Ongus, Nemwel Nyakenyanya Aming’a, Constantine Matoke Nyamboga, Gilbert Okello 349-358
Total views: 416
The Relevance of Communities of Practice (Cop) in University Libraries: A Knowledge Management Perspective  | 
E. Eldho Joy, K. P. Vijayakumar 359-365
Total views: 269
Use of Knowledge Management Tools and Techniques in Academic Libraries in India: A Study  | 
S. Sudarshan Rao 367-374
Total views: 456
National Law University Library Consortium:Better Late than Never  | 
Lagdhir S. Rabari 375-380
Total views: 393
Use and Awareness of Open Access Resources among Researchers: a Case Study of Raman Research Institute  | 
M. N. Nagaraj, M. K. Bhandi 381-386
Total views: 491
Indian LIS Job Market and its Visibility through Portals and Mailing Lists/Forums  | 
Sarika Sawant, Prachi Sawant 387-391
Total views: 285
Preparing Indian Library and Information Science Professionals for Employment in the Digital Age  | 
Akhilesh K. S. Yadav, Rashmi Rekha Gohain 393-403
Total views: 380
Strategies for Leadership in Management College Libraries  | 
M. Vijayakuamar, K. S. Manoj Kumar 405-408
Total views: 257
Ontology for the Domain of Food Science  | 
T. Padmavathi, M. Krishnamurthy 409-417
Total views: 261
Use of Electronic Resources in Medical Colleges at Mangalore City - A Study  | 
Janet Dotty Lobo 419-422
Total views: 313
A Scientometric Analysis of the Doctoral Theses Submitted to Indian Institute of Technology Bombay  | 
Manju Naika, Satish Kanamadi, Anil Sutar, Jayadev Kadli 423-426
Total views: 627

Book Review

Public Library Service in Delhi:Present Status and Development Plan 2010-2020  | 
K. S. Raghavan 427-429
Total views: 186