About Journal of Information and Knowledge

Sarada Ranganathan Endowment for Library Science (SRELS) was founded by Dr.S.R.Ranganathan, renowned Library and Information Scientist in 1961. The endowment was registered as a Charitable Endowment with the Government of India in 1963 and with Government of Karnataka in 2006.

 The Aims and Objectives of the Endowment are:

  •  Promote and enhance the quality of library and information services in India;
  •  Carry out and promote research in Library & Information Science (LIS)
  •  Serve as a forum for disseminating and discussing developments of interest to the LIS profession
  •  Facilitate continuing education of LIS professionals

To realize these objectives, the Endowment has been organizing conferences/workshops /seminars. Following lectures are organized by the Endowment

  •  Sarada Ranganathan Endowment Lectures (Since 1965)
  •  Dr S. R. Ranganathan Memorial Lectures (Since 1973)
  •  Curzon & Co - Seshachalam Lectures (Since 2001)
  •  Prof. A. Neelameghan Memorial Lectures (Since 2015)
The Endowment also
  •  Undertakes sponsored research projects and consulting services
  •  Publishes books and a journal

Journal of Information and Knowledge: Founded in 1964 by Dr. S. R. Ranganathan as ‘Library Science with a Slant to Documentation’, the journal completed 50 years of continuous publication in 2013. Currently being published under the title Journal of Information and Knowledge, it is a refereed journal and is ranked among the top five LIS journals in India. It covers all aspects of information management and library science including Knowledge Organization, Applications of Information Technology for library & information handling and management, Informterics, and Education for the LIS Profession.