Volume 50, Issue 5, October 2013

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Table of Contents


Introduction to the Special Issue  | 
I. K. Ravichandra Rao 463-471
Total views: 182


Ranganathan Today: A Citation Study  | 
Johannes Stegmann, Hildrun Kretschmer 473-478
Total views: 216
From Librametry to Webometric Research in India With Emphasis on the Work Done Since 2001  | 
I. K. Ravichandra Rao 479-520
Total views: 1293
A Binary Tree as a Basic Model for Studying Hierarchies using Q-Measures  | 
Yuxian Liu, Raf Gun, Ronald Rousseau 521-528
Total views: 385
Scientometric Profile of Indian Science as Seen Through Science Citation Index – Expanded 2010-2011  | 
K. C. Garg, S. Kumar 529-542
Total views: 242
Scientometric Profile of Vector Borne Diseases: A Case Study of Global Japanese Encephalitis Research  | 
K. C. Garg, Sandhya Dwivedi, S. Kumar 543-554
Total views: 349
Research Performance of National Institutes of Technology (NITS) of India During 2001-2010: A Bibliometric Analysis  | 
Adarsh Bala, Santosh Kumari 555-572
Total views: 240
A Comparative Study of Mysore University and Karnatak University In S&T: Research Output, Citation Impact and Collaboration During 2001-10  | 
B. D. Kumbar, B. M. Gupta 573-590
Total views: 365
Contribution and Impact of Indian Agricultural Universities: A Performance: Analysis Using Scientometric Techniques, 2007-11  | 
B. M. Gupta, Anurag Saxena, P. Visakhi 591-618
Total views: 239
Acknowledgements in Research Papers in Electronics and Related Fields: 2008-2011  | 
Susanta Koley, B. K. Sen 619-627
Total views: 498
Research Collaboration in the Field of Social Sciences  | 
S. L. Sangam, Shivaranjini, S. Mogal 629-637
Total views: 202
Scientometric Study of Carbon Nanotube Research in India  | 
Bidyarthi Dutta, Durga Sankar Rath 639-655
Total views: 752
Current Trends in Webometrics Research  | 
N. S. Harinarayana, N. Vasantha Raju 657-665
Total views: 510
Mapping of Scholarly Research in Cloud Computing: A Bibliometric Study  | 
A. Thirumagal, S. Niruba Sethukumari 667-678
Total views: 945
World University Rankings  | 
Aparna Basu 679-690
Total views: 314
SRELS Journal of Information Management - History and Contributions: A Golden Jubilee Review  | 
A. Y. Asundi 691-704
Total views: 392