Volume 50, Issue 6, December 2013

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Table of Contents


The Facets of Knowledge Organization: An Introduction  | 
K. S. Raghavan 705-708
Total views: 234


Prolegomena to a New Order: A Domain-Analytical Review of the Influence of S.R. Ranganathan on Knowledge Organization  | 
Richard P. Smiraglia 709-719
Total views: 453
Faceted Classifications as a Model for Universal Classifications  | 
Widad Mustafa El Hadi 721-734
Total views: 697
Faceted Classification as a General Theory for Knowledge Organization  | 
Vanda Broughton 735-750
Total views: 1070
Facets, Levels and Semantic Factoring  | 
C. Gnoli 751-762
Total views: 623
Ranganathan's Universe of Knowledge and Categorical Thinking  | 
Fulvio Mazzocchi 763-778
Total views: 3738
Facets as a Viewpoint Framework: Enhancing Connections in Search and Discovery  | 
Kathryn La Barre 779-788
Total views: 387
A Kaleidoscope Perspective: Change in the Semantics and Structure of Facets and Isolates in Analytico-Synthetic Classification  | 
Joseph T. Tennis 789-794
Total views: 534
The Lexicalization of Syntagmatic Relationships  | 
Rebecca Green, Carol A. Bean 795-806
Total views: 310
Challenges of Knowledge Organization and Isko  | 
H. Peter Ohly 807-818
Total views: 391
What Does Knowledge Organization Mean in a Big Data Environment?  | 
Michael Shepherd, Carolyn Watters 819-829
Total views: 2649
Supporting Multiple Points of View in Knowledge Organization  | 
Kavi Mahesh, Pallavi Karanth 831-842
Total views: 274
Discovery and Access Systems: Discussion of Value Added Dimensions Using Twitter  | 
Hemalata Iyer, Amber J. D'Ambrosio 843-854
Total views: 367
Ranganathan’s Contributions to Knowledge Organization and Presentation  | 
K. S. Raghavan, A. Neelameghan 855-862
Total views: 514
Tamil Classics: Categorization, Classification and Arrangement  | 
A. Neelameghan, S. K. Lalitha 863-873
Total views: 289
Methodology for Designing a Conceptual Model of Knowledge Mapping in the Field of Liquid Rocket Propulsion System  | 
C. Sugumaran 875-879
Total views: 278
Spatial Information System for Socio-Economic Development Planning: Categorization, Organization, Integration, Representation and Presentation of Data  | 
A. Neelameghan 881-895
Total views: 300