Volume 47, Issue 5, October 2010

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Table of Contents


Legal Deposit and Bibliographical Control  | 
A. A. N. Raju 473-474
Total views: 204


Avenues for Repositioning the Academic Libraries in India  | 
Vivek Patkar 475-489
Total views: 348
Evaluation Gap of Internet Banking Service Quality by Using Servqual Approach - an Empirical Study of Indian Banks  | 
Poolad Daneshvar, H.N. Ramesh 491-506
Total views: 596
Institutional Repository: an Effective Tool for Knowledge Management  | 
Urmila Thaker, Nimesh Oza 507-516
Total views: 303
A Comparataive Study of E-resources Dependency among Iranian and Indian Social Science Faculty Members  | 
Mohamad Bagher Negahban, V. G. Talawar 517-522
Total views: 383
Open Access Initiatives in Life, Biological and Medical Sciences: an Investigative Outlook  | 
H Rajendra Babu, Nikam Khaiser 523-529
Total views: 258
Usability: an Approach to Assessing Open Source Elearning Courseware  | 
Mohamed A. M. Ghalib, M. Chandrashekara 531-536
Total views: 446
Acquisition Operations and Supplier Performance: an Evaluative Study of Central Library, IIT Kharagpur  | 
Sujata Mandal, V. K. J. Jeevan 537-554
Total views: 280
Journal Citations in the Doctoral Dissertations of Engineering and Technology Submitted to the General Universities of Karnataka  | 
M. Dhanamjaya, V. G. Talawar 555-564
Total views: 280
Internet CDROM Unit: its Impact on Users  | 
K. M. Krishna 565-568
Total views: 206
Job Satisfaction among Non-government College Librarians in West Bengal: a Study  | 
Pijushkanti Panigrahi, Lakshmikanta Jana 569-584
Total views: 286
Role of Public Libraries in Bangalore: Users' Perception  | 
D. Kala 585-596
Total views: 261