Volume 46, Issue 4, December 2009

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Table of Contents


Users Interest Classification  | 
M. P. Satija 353-354
Total views: 223


UGC Model Curriculum 2001: Need for Radical Changes  | 
Amritpal Kaur 355-364
Total views: 189
Structuring Lis Curriculum for Online Teaching: a Proposed Study  | 
T. Saravanan 365-370
Total views: 177
Networked Information Environment: Strategies and Options in Ch. Charan Singh University, Meerut, India  | 
Shiva Kanaujia Sukula 371-382
Total views: 203
A Plan for the Establishment of Networking in Technical Libraries  | 
N. Vasanth, Mahesh V. Mudhol 383-390
Total views: 362
Challenges and Opportunities: a Trend Report of Internet Users at National Institutes of Technology in India  | 
Suresh Jange, Lalitha K. Sami 391-402
Total views: 239
Role of Teachers in Promoting Reading Habits of Professional and Non Professional College Students: a Study  | 
S. T. Sudha, N. S. Harinarayana 403-412
Total views: 750
Modelling the Growth of Ferrous Metallurgy Literature: a Study Based on Iron Making and Steelmaking  | 
N. V. Ramakrishna 413-421
Total views: 203
Comparison of few E-databases in the Field of Dental Sciences: a Study  | 
B. L. Vinod Kumar 423-434
Total views: 275
Evaluation of Web Based Information Sources: an Analytical Study with Particular Reference to Physics Reference Sources  | 
B. S. Biradar, B. T. Sampath Kumar 435-448
Total views: 240
Problems in Human Resource Management in University Libraries in Karnataka and Tamil Nadu: a Comparative Study  | 
V. Sivasubramanian, Khaiser Nikam 449-457
Total views: 211
Marketing of Library and Information Services  | 
Prayatkar K. Kanadiya 459-466
Total views: 267
Marketing of Indian National Bibliographic Databases on Cd-rom to University and College Libraries and District and State Central Libraries: a Study  | 
John Meshok 467-472
Total views: 189

Book Reviews

Emerging Trends and Technologies in Libraries and Information Services by Dr. Sanjay Kataria, Prof. B.s. Nigam and Dr. Rama Kant Shukla, New Delhi: KBD Publications, 2009. Pp Xvi +756. Isbn: 978-81-907999-0-4. Price: Rs. 1295/-.  | 
Anil Singh 473-474
Total views: 207