Volume 43, Issue 3, September 2006

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Table of Contents


New Knowledge Needs Receptivity  | 
M. A. Gopinath 217-218
Total views: 213


Strategic Planning - A Tool for Future Libraries  | 
P. Balasubramanian, A. Rangaswamy, S. Kanthimathi 219-224
Total views: 293
Internet Search Engines: A Comparative Study and Evaluation Methodology  | 
B. S. Biradar, B. T. Sampath Kumar 231-241
Total views: 287
Internet Use Pattern among the Students in Annamalai University  | 
A. Manimekalai, R. Balasubramani, N. Amsaveni 265-270
Total views: 296
Internet Users: Mysore University Campus (India)  | 
K. R. Mulla, M. Chandrashekara 243-263
Total views: 268
Socio-Economic Background and Computer Literacy of Postgraduate Students of Kuvempu University: A Study of Its Implications to Library Services  | 
K. C. Ramakrishnegowda, R. H. Walmiki 271-282
Total views: 261
Information Literacy Programmes for Social Scientists: A Tool for Harnessing E-Resources  | 
Satish Kanamadi, Vishakha Vichare 283-293
Total views: 259
Medium of Instruction in LIS Education in India—Regional Language or English? Analysis Through System Approach  | 
Sibsankar Jana 307-318
Total views: 216
A Journey of Rural Library Movement in India: Retrospect and Prospects  | 
Sunil Kumar 295-306
Total views: 880