Volume 49, Issue 5, October 2012

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Table of Contents


Editorial  | 
I. K. Ravichandra Rao 461-462
Total views: 207


Trends of Implementation of Paper Standards towards Paper Preservation: a Librarian's Point of View  | 
Suchismita Majumdar, Swapna Banerjee 463-476
Total views: 266
Academics Attitude towards E-publishing: a Study with Reference to Universities of Punjab and Chandigarh  | 
Amritpal Kaur 477-494
Total views: 300
Changing Roles of the Librarians in the Virtual/digital Era  | 
P. Saraswathi, G. R. Nambratha, D. Giddaiah 495-500
Total views: 549
Library Usage Pattern of the Faculty Members in the University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka: a User Survey  | 
Chamani Gunasekera 501-510
Total views: 444
Survey of Aquatic and Fisheries Information System Capacity in the Region of Cochin, Kerala  | 
M. Jayapradeep, R. Raman Nair 511-527
Total views: 254
Digital Preservation: a Paradox or Sophism?  | 
Syed Raiyan Ghani 529-534
Total views: 697
Digital Content Development in the Kerala University Library: a Case Study  | 
S. Beena 535-548
Total views: 366
A Comparative Study of Selected Science and Social Science Ejournals of UGC Infonet Digital Library Consortium  | 
Bhaskar Mukherjee, Prashant Kumar 549-560
Total views: 514
Use of Electronic Information Resources: a Study of ADESH Institute of Engineering and Technology, Faridkot, Punjab, India  | 
Inderjeet Singh Maan 561-567
Total views: 371
A Survey of Use of Electronic Resources at Narula Institute of Technology Library and Documentation Center  | 
Suvra Chandra 569-575
Total views: 388
Bibliometric Study of Nanotechnology in India: an Analysis  | 
A. Thirumagal 577-587
Total views: 341
Doctoral Theses Awarded in Science, Arts and Humanities Departments in Kuvempu University during 1993-2009: an Analytical Study  | 
S. Padmamma, R. H. Walmiki 589-598
Total views: 303