Volume 45, Issue 1, March 2008

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Table of Contents


Thoughts of One is For Oneself: It Need not Future Itself: Glams of Information Technology  | 
M. A. Gopinath 1-2
Total views: 191


Indian Economic Review (1998-2002): A Bibliometric Study  | 
Amitava Nandi, Amit Kumar Bandyopadhyay 95-100
Total views: 235
The Archive Office: Structure and Objectives  | 
M. Gopalswamy, P. Saraswathi 119-128
Total views: 290
Reference Librarians: Humanists in Action  | 
M. P. Satija 3-6
Total views: 216
Rural Development and Ict  | 
Lalitha K. Sami, Rabia Iffat, Shahida 7-10
Total views: 218
Role of Librarian in Right to Information (RTT) and Democracy  | 
Ketki Bhatia 11-16
Total views: 202
Collection Evaluation of PSN College of Engineering and Technology Library and Pet Engineering College Library in Tirunelveli District  | 
A. Lawrence Mary, A. Sankar 63-70
Total views: 283
Research Productivity in Library and Information Science in India During 1957-2006  | 
Mallinath Kumbar, N. Vasantha Raju 71-80
Total views: 252
Use of Online Public Access Catalogue in Devi Ahilya University Library, Indore  | 
Rajput Prabhat Singh, G. H. S. Naidu, G. S. Jadon 55-62
Total views: 484
Office Information Retrieval in Digital Environment  | 
B. M. Meera 111-118
Total views: 210
Biometric Security Technology for Libraries  | 
Praveenkumar Kumbargoudar, Mamata Mestri 37-44
Total views: 260
Doctoral Theses Awarded in Science, Pharmaceutical Science and Home Science Departments in Nagpur University During 2000-2002: A Study  | 
Prince Ajay T. Agashe, D. Rajyalakshmi 81-93
Total views: 224
A Study Of University Libraries Weblogs: Online Tool for Information Sharing and Dissemination  | 
Shalini R. Lihitkar, Meena Yadav 17-36
Total views: 678
Reading Skills: Prospects, Issues and Challenges  | 
S. T. Sudha, N. S. Harinarayana 101-110
Total views: 267
An Analytical Study of the Dental College Libraries in Kolkata in the Age of Information Technology  | 
Tridib Chattopadhyay, N. C. Ghatak 45-53
Total views: 507