Volume 45, Issue 3, September 2008

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Table of Contents


Prof. S. Parthasarathy Turns 92  | 
K. N. Prasad 249
Total views: 207


Digital Library Management: a Worthy and Well-timed Makeover for the Information Professional  | 
Raymond Wafula Ongus, T. D. Kemparaju, Constantine Matoke Nyamboga, M. Veerabasavaiah 251-264
Total views: 317
Virtual Libraries  | 
Chinmayee N. Bhange 265-269
Total views: 298
Managing Libraries through Knowledge Management  | 
Anil Kumar Dhiman, Rakesh Kumar Gupta 271-278
Total views: 227
New Generation of Libraries Using Emerging Technologies: Focus and Action Plans towards User's Satisfaction  | 
L.S.R.C.V. Ramesh 279-286
Total views: 295
A Comparative Study of Internet Use in Haryana Agriculture University and Panjab Agriculture University  | 
Chetan Sharma 287-294
Total views: 399
Free E-Journals in Agriculture  | 
Surendra Kumar, S. Kumar 295-304
Total views: 277
Effective Use of E-mail: a Study of LIS Professionals in India  | 
M. Vijayakumar, B. U. Kannappanavar, Ramesh 305-313
Total views: 195
Access to Electronic Journals through CSIR Consortia: a Case Study at Central Glass and Ceramic Research Institute (CGCRI)  | 
Namita Dutta 315-322
Total views: 230
Information Use Pattern of Faculty Members in Madurai Kamaraj University, Madurai  | 
P. Balasubramanian, A. Baladhandayutham 323-330
Total views: 320
Public Libraries and Science Awareness  | 
Suchismita Majumdar, Swapna Banerjee 331-338
Total views: 222
University Libraries of Uttar Pradesh (UP): a Regional Study  | 
Mohammad Yusuf 339-348
Total views: 203
Measuring User Satisfaction in Academic Libraries  | 
Dineshan Koovakkai 349-354
Total views: 264
Information Use Pattern of Researchers in Veterinary Science and Animal Husbandry: a Citation Study  | 
Bidhan Chandra Biswas, Md. Enamul Haque 355-363
Total views: 238
Quality Management Model (QMM) for Knowledge Resource Management in University Libraries and Information Centers: a Conceptual Framework  | 
Manoj Kumar Sinha, Y. Venkata Rao 365-372
Total views: 218
Research Methodology for Information Science  | 
M.B. Rama 1-2
Total views: 184