Volume 36, Issue 2, June 1999

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Table of Contents


Cognitive Modelling of Formation of Knowledge  | 
M. A. Gopinath 63-64
Total views: 81


Implementation of ISO 9000 in Industrial Libraries:A Case Study  | 
Dhanashree A. Date, Pratibha A. Gokhale 65-72
Total views: 75
Paradigms, Paradigm Shifts and Classification  | 
M. A. Gopinath 73-77
Total views: 86
Impact of Information Technology on the Reference Librarian  | 
K. Sambasivan 79-81
Total views: 60
The Public Library System in Bangalore  | 
Ashok Y. Asundi, James Heitzman 83-102
Total views: 96
Obsolescence of Reading Materials in Academic Libraries Due to Changes in Research Projects/Programmes-A Case Study at J R D Tata Memorial Library Collection  | 
Uma Jagannath 103-112
Total views: 66
Internet:The Electronic Mobile Library in the Cyberspace  | 
Nikhil Kumar Jas, Nilay Chandra Das 113-122
Total views: 75
User-Focus Approach:Central to Ranganathan's Philosophy  | 
Dinesh K. Gupta 123-128
Total views: 79
Pattern of Research Contribution in National and International Fish Culture Journals:A Comparative Study  | 
R. Ezhil Rani 129-135
Total views: 77