Integration of Open-Source Software (Koha, Greenstone and DSpace) with Library Discovery System (VuFind): A Future Library Solution


  • Library Assistant, Ramakrishna Mission Vivekananda Educational and Research Institute (RKMVU), Ranchi – 834008, Jharkhand
  • Project Staff, National Digital Library of India (NDLI), IIT Kharagpur, Kharagpur – 721302, West Bengal



Discovery Service, Green Stone Digital Library (GSDL), DSpace, Koha, Open-Source Software, Single-Window Searching Interface, Web-scale VuFind


This paper demonstrates the design, workflow and integration methodology of open-source ILS (Koha), Digital library software (Greenstone), Institutional repository (DSpace) with open-source library discovery software (VuFind). A methodology of integration has been explained using available standards and technology. Main purpose of this research is to demonstrate single-window search interface, harvesting of metadata and full-text of resources. Integration of open-source library software with the discovery system (VuFind) can result significant cost reduction when compared with commercial discovery systems.


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Bhowmick, A., & Chakrabarty, B. (2021). Integration of Open-Source Software (Koha, Greenstone and DSpace) with Library Discovery System (VuFind): A Future Library Solution. Journal of Information and Knowledge, 58(4), 273–280.



Received 2021-05-16
Accepted 2021-08-23
Published 2021-08-27