Librarians: It’s Time to Redesign Librarianship


  • Library Research and Information Specialist/Librarian, Florida State College at Jacksonville, Cecil Center, 5640 POW/MIA Memorial Parkway, Jacksonville, FL 32221



Critical Information Literacy, Digital Literacy, Embedded Librarian, Fake News, Information Literacy, Internet Librarian, Internet Literacy, Librarian, Librarianship, Virtual Librarianship.


The article surveys a few aspects of librarians’ work in light of current events and trends; as library collections become more digitalized than print, virtual librarianship may take the place of conventional work settings; further claims are that librarians are uniquely qualified to take on society’s information literacy problem. Potentially embedding on popular Internet platforms, librarians can help Internet users improve their information discernment skills, so they are better able to find information and identify inaccuracies in the forms of misinformation, disinformation, propaganda, and to be cognizant of confirmation bias.


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