Enhancing OPAC through Geospatial Data: Stackmaps and Text Visualization in Koha


  • Librarian, Surendralal Das Teachers' Training College Howrah, West Bengal
  • Research Scholar, Department of Library and Information Science, University of Kalyani, Kalyani, West Bengal




Dreamscape, Geospatial Data, Koha, Stackmaps, Text Analysis, Voyant


Physical stacks in academic libraries, despite the advent of digital repositories, remain important to users, especially in countries like India where physical resources hold considerable value. This study seeks to develop a system that enables users to locate books physically by integrating stackmaps functionalities with Koha OPAC. In addition, the study showcases how an open-source text analytics server can be incorporated inside an OPAC in Koha to generate various word-level visualizations by analyzing a text corpus, including the identification of geospatial features such as place names. This research aims to contribute to the advancement of information retrieval and visualization techniques in OPACs in academic libraries, and to improve the user experience in locating physical resources. (The video abstract of this paper may be found at: https://youtu.be/q940TUkcTTE ).


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