License Agreements:Use, Excessive Use and Misuse of E-Resources in Universities


  • IGM Library, University of Hyderabad, Hyderabad - 500046, Telangana



License Agreements - E Resources, Access, Copyright Issues, E-Resources, Information Use.


The paper discusses about the issues of License agreements of e-resources, authentication and access. It mentions about fair use terms and copyright issues. The UGC digital library consortium and usage statistics for the year 2014 of University of Hyderabad is cited as an example for the high usage and also some instances of heavy downloading leading to suspension of access is described. The problem of 10% TDS cut on database payments by the Universities which are not accepted by the publishers is also mentioned. Guidelines for fair use as specified by the UGC INFLIBNET centre are explained. Finally the precautions to be taken for fair use and complying with the terms and conditions of license agreement are highlighted so that violation of license agreement and denial of access can be prevented.


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