Volume 50, Issue 3, June 2013

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Table of Contents


E-Resources Consortia in India-Some Lingering Issues  | 
A. Y. Asundi 251-252
Total views: 234


The Relevance of Usage Metrics in LIS Research  | 
V. J. Suseela 253-266
Total views: 308
Protection of Intellectual Property in India: Role of Library and Information Professionals in the New Millennium  | 
Nikhil Kumar Jas, Shova Nath, Sucharita Maiti 267-276
Total views: 339
Organizational Culture in the Academic Library and Information Centres of Coastal Karnataka  | 
George Albert Rodrigues, Purushotham M. Gowda 277-287
Total views: 281
Impact of Consortia on Usage Pattern of Information Resources: a Study at Raman Research Institute  | 
M. Manjunath, Manjunath Kaddipujar, B. M. Meera 289-304
Total views: 269
Application of Bradford's Law of Scattering to the Horticulture Literature: a Citation Study of Doctoral Dissertations 1991-2010  | 
Santosh Kumar Tunga 305-316
Total views: 448
A Case Study on Quality Assurance in Arjun Singh Central Library of Periyar Maniammai University, Thanjavur, Tamilnadu  | 
P. Selvakumar, K. Thandavamoorthy 317-326
Total views: 406
Attitudes of Law University Library Users towards the Use of OPAC/web OPAC in Andhra Pradesh: a Study  | 
Devendra, Khaiser Nikam 327-335
Total views: 492
Computer Literacy among Science and Arts Students of Kuvempu University, Karnataka: a Case Study  | 
D. Vinay Kumar, B. Hemanthachar, B. K. Goutham 337-342
Total views: 322
Adaptation of Service Quality for Academic Libraries in Sri Lanka  | 
I. M. Nawarathne, Ajay Pratap Singh 343-356
Total views: 579