Volume 43, Issue 2, June 2006

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Table of Contents


Social Civilization of Information Management  | 
M. A. Gopinath 113-122
Total views: 210


Adjustment Problems: A Study Among College Librarians  | 
S. Ally Sornam, T. Muruganantham 201-214
Total views: 263
Library Consortia in India: Initiatives and Concerns  | 
M. Bavakutty, T. A. Abdul Azeez 177-184
Total views: 450
Semantic Web Technology: Towards Meaningful Retrieval  | 
Biswanath Dutta 149-154
Total views: 245
Digitization: The Force to Remove the Darkness of Information Hiding  | 
Biswanath Giri 163-169
Total views: 279
Participation of Libraries in Portals Building  | 
A. N. Janardhana Rao 155-162
Total views: 206
Electronic Resources and Public Libraries  | 
Lalitha K. Sami, Rabia Iffat 171-176
Total views: 230
Quality Management for Libraries: The Role of Quality in Library Management System  | 
S. Padmashree 137-148
Total views: 262
Dr. N. Rudraiah: A Biobibliometric Study  | 
S. L. Sangam, Kiran Savanur 185-199
Total views: 239
Use of Classification and Indexing in the Internet Organization and Search  | 
M. P. Satija 123-136
Total views: 238

Book Reviews

Marketing Library and Information Services: Inter-National Perspectives. Edited on Behalf of IFLA by Dinesh K. Gupta, Christie Koontz, Angels Massisimo and R√©jean Savard. K. G. Saur Verlag, Munich, 2006. xvi + 419p, [ISBN-10: 3-598-11753-1; ISBN-13: 9-78  | 
S. Malathy 215-216
Total views: 195