Mandatory Archiving and Copyright Issues of Open Access Resources in Institutional Repositories


  • Librarian, G.J. Advani Law College, Mumbai & Research Scholar, Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai
  • Deputy Librarian, Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai



Copyright, Institutional Repository, Open Access, Self-Archiving


The exponential growth of number of journals and increasing prices has engendered the idea of open access among academic communities. To boost the open access movement and to make it a success many institutions, organizations and funding agencies are framing policies making it mandatory for researchers/academicians to make their intellectual publications available on open access platform. The paper aims to examine the copyright issues related to mandatory open access self-archiving and the availability of defined policies to guide the authors of scholarly publications in mandatory deposition. The relevant data for the study was collected through published literature and websites. The result shows that along with the early advocates, many other Indian institutions and publishers are also gradually moving towards the open access platform. However, sufficient information is not available on the website of institutional repository to determine the archiving rights of the authors.


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Gohain, R. R., & Angadi, M. (2017). Mandatory Archiving and Copyright Issues of Open Access Resources in Institutional Repositories. Journal of Information and Knowledge, 54(2), 106–112.



Received 2016-11-18
Accepted 2017-03-23
Published 2017-05-12