Balanced Development using Ontology-Based Tantra Framework


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  • PES University, 100 Feet Outer Ring Road, Bangalore – 560085
  • PES University, 100 Feet Outer Ring Road, Bangalore – 560085



Balanced Development, Balanced Scorecard, Ontology, Theory of Change, Zachman Framework


The idea of Balanced Development is to ensure equitable distribution of necessities of life and creation of productive remunerative employment across society. Balanced development is a prerequisite for sustainable economic growth and shared prosperity. To facilitate this challenging task, we have proposed an Ontology-based Tantra Social Information Management Framework that can help set goals, design and evaluate interventions, define and monitor relevant metrics in an ongoing basis. Tantra Framework represents social information using ideas from Zachman Framework and concepts from Unified Foundational Ontology. Tantra Framework inter-operates with well-regarded models. Balanced Scorecard is used to define development objectives. Bartels’ Theory of Separations is used to identify barriers to access, consumption and profitable participation. Theory of Change process is used to arrive at right intervention. Distributed Ledgers are proposed to handle Change Management. A Social Information Management Process is proposed to keep the framework populated, complete and current. Tantra Framework can lead to broader Digital Governance Framework with strong cognizance of Social dimension. The paper explains how Tantra Framework can be used to realize Economic Development in Indian context.


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Prabhu, S. M., Balasubramanya Murthy, K. N., & Natarajan, S. (2019). Balanced Development using Ontology-Based Tantra Framework. Journal of Information and Knowledge, 56(1), 1–12.
Received 2018-12-03
Accepted 2019-02-07
Published 2019-02-28

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