Altmetrics Analysis of Top 100 Food Technology Articles: A Study


  • Department of Library and Information Science, University of Delhi, South Moti Bagh, New Delhi − 110007, Delhi
  • Department of Library and Information Science, University of Delhi, South Moti Bagh, New Delhi − 110007, Delhi



Altmetrics, Citations, Correlation, Food Technology


Altmetrics is an article level metrics which measures the online attention on academic and non-academic social media. The present study is based on the altmetric analysis of top 100 articles in Food Technology published during 1989-2018. The top 100 articles were downloaded using Web of Science Core Collection and the Altmetrics Score is collected using Altmetric Bookmarklet. The spearman’s correlation test was performed on the collected data to find out the correlation between citation and the altmetric score.


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Verma, S., & Singh, K. P. (2020). Altmetrics Analysis of Top 100 Food Technology Articles: A Study. Journal of Information and Knowledge, 57(4), 207–216.



Received 2020-04-26
Accepted 2020-07-31
Published 2020-08-30