Assessing the Effectiveness of Strategic Plans Implementation in Kenyan Public University Libraries


  • Senior Librarian, University of Kabianga, Kericho
  • School of Information Sciences, Moi University, Eldoret
  • School of Information Sciences, Moi University, Eldoret



Effectiveness, Implementation, Public University Libraries, Strategic Plan


Strategic plans have the ability to encourage increased awareness of customer value for developing strategy and implementation. Strategic plans focus on vision of future growth as well as establishing priorities necessary when faced with scarce resources. However, many public university libraries in Kenya do not implement their strategic plans effectively due to several challenges posed by internal as well as external factors. The purpose of the study was to assess the effectiveness of strategic plans implementation in Kenyan public university libraries with a view to propose interventions that can be used to improve the implementation of strategic plans in these libraries. The study adopted mixed methods research approach and concurrent triangulation design employing descriptive survey within a pragmatic philosophical paradigm. Quantitative data was collected by use of questionnaires while qualitative data was by use of interview schedule. The population of study was 277 respondents from selected five public universities. Yamane’s formula was used to get a sample of 134 respondents. Stratified sampling was used to sample library staff while purposive sampling was used to select Deputy Vice Chancellors, and Finance Officers. Quantitative data was analysed statistically and findings presented in tables, charts and graphs while qualitative data was grouped into themes and analysed using content analysis. Findings established that all the participating libraries in the study were implementing strategic plans although that was hampered by various challenges which lack of adequate and skilled staff; that public university libraries are allocated budgets that is not sufficient to support the implementation of their strategic plans. The study recommends that management consider allocating adequate budget and also recruitment of sufficient and qualified staff for efficient implementation of strategic plans. The study provides insights to decision makers on the mechanisms to employ for effective implementation of strategic plans.


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