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  • Indian Institute of Science Education and Research, Mohanpur – 741246, Kolkata
  • College of Medicine and Sagore Dutta Hospital Kamarhati – 700058, Kolkata



Editorial Boards, Indian Physicists, Physics and Astronomy Journals, Scholarly Communication


Science stands on the shoulders of its community to ensure the quality of its scholarly communications. Hence, editorship and editorial positions in scholarly journals is a prestigious and rewarding activity for scientists. Physics as a branch of science is no exception to this. The present work endeavoured to look at the situation of Indian physicists’ (with Indian affiliations) representation in the top-ranking physics and astronomy journals as per the Scimago Journal and Country Ranking. Spatio-temporal analysis was undertaken to understand India’s position concerning the other established science research countries like the USA, China, Germany and the UK. It shows that the presence of Indian physicists in these quality journals’ editorship or editorial board membership positions is minimal. Some areas of physics are not represented at all. It may be added that more such positions for Indian physicists in these journals may bring more prestige for them and the country as a whole.


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