Non-Use and Non-Users of Libraries


  • Library and Documentation, ISRO Satellite Centre, Airport Road, Vimanapura Post, Bangalore 560 017



User Studies, Libraries, Non-Use, Non-User, Under Use, ISRO Satellite Centre.


Giving analogy of business approach to market penetration describes the negligence of libraries about non-users and less fortunate users; explains how use of a library is a minority event; explores the relations of use and usefulness of a library, defines non-user, enumerates types of non-users and conceptual framework for use and non-use of information; discusses the possible reasons for not using libraries and what can be done about non-use as well as apprehensions of experts about lack of market penetration by libraries; presents a casc study of non-use and non-users of ISRO Satellite Centre (ISAC) library as an extension of earlier use and user studies.


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Sridhar, M. S. (1994). Non-Use and Non-Users of Libraries. Journal of Information and Knowledge, 31(3), 115–128.
Received 2014-05-17
Accepted 2014-05-17
Published 1994-09-02