Data Import and Export through LIBSYS: A Case Study


  • University of North Bengal, Raja Rammohunpur, West Bengal 734430



Data Import, Data Export, LIBSYS, CDS/ISIS.


Libraries have different options for software procurement. There are indigenously developed softwares customizable softwares or can purchase commercially available software. As most of the commercially available softwares support integrated housekeeping jobs, the cost of these kinds of softwares is high. But it enhances the work involved and repetition of data entry work can be removed effectively. The North Bengal University Library. West Bengal. India. is using Libsys. a commercially developed software since 1997. Prior to this period CDS/ISIS on DOS platform was used to create bibliographic databases. Large amount of data has been kept in the CDS/ISIS format, (ISO 2709). The present paper discusses the techniques used to import and export CDS/ISIS data into the Libsys database.


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Ghosh, S. (2001). Data Import and Export through LIBSYS: A Case Study. Journal of Information and Knowledge, 38(4), 309–316.
Received 2014-05-20
Accepted 2014-05-20
Published 2001-12-06