Volume 60, Issue 1, February 2023

The six invited papers in this very first issue under the new title, while partially representative of the scope of the journal, are indicative of the nature of content in the forthcoming issues. Sanjay Barthur examines some issues of concern in the digital media ecosystem touching on social media platforms. Vakkari’s papers examine the information search process from a cognitive point of view. Following Belkin’s ASK hypothesis, the papers view the search process as contributing to changes in the knowledge structures of the searcher. Parthasarathy Mulhopadhyaya explores the feasibility of automated indexing using an open-source AI and Machine Learning framework, Annif. Biswanath Dutta describes an experiment in the design and development of an automatic annotation system, SAGE. Shalini Urs traces the I-school movement and suggests the way forward for education for the information profession. The readers will also notice that we now have a multi-disciplinary editorial board. Readers’ feedback and suggestions are most welcome. 

Published: 2023-02-01


Invited Paper